Professional Development

The AYA Cancer Network aims to support health professionals and other support providers working with young people with cancer. In this section you will find information on education and professional development opportunities available to you. If you know of any other opportunities please send details of these to


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The 4th Annual Global Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Congress is occurring on Wednesday 1st & Thursday 2nd December 2021, and will be held online for the first time ever.

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University of Auckland, New Zealand – Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences in Youth Health – AYA Cancer Practicum

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Free online courses available to professionals and support providers working with young people with cancer.

The Werry Centre in collaboration with key agencies have developed the online eLearning module – Introduction to HEEADSSS.

The short course provides an introduction to the HEEADSSS assessment framework and other key information to support professionals working with young people.

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EviQ Online Education

To access either courses: Once you have clicked on the link type in the search bar ‘young’ to find these courses.

A free 1.5hr Australian online eLearning course to advance primary care knowledge and skills in the delivery of cancer care for young people.

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A free 2hr Australian online eLearning course developed for Registered Nurses but relevant to many health professionals wanting to develop their knowledge and skills in AYA cancer care

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Health Learn

This course provides AYA Cancer Health Learn packages. This is available for Southern and Canterbury regions.

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Kidz First The Centre for Youth Health, Youth Health Workshops for 2021

Workshops provide practical programmes to enhance professional skills when working with young people in clinical and community settings.

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The Collaborative Trust for Research and Training in Youth Health & Development – Training

The Collaborative Trust provides training through their workshops which can range from an hour to a whole day. They are interactive and involve young people as Youth Tutors. The topics are relevant to practice and the issues that young people have.

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Involve 2021

Involve is the national conference for youth health and development in Aotearoa.

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