National Travel Assistance Letter
A call for an urgent update

Our Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Consumer Advisory Group are calling for an urgent update on when changes will occur to the National Travel Assistance (NTA) Scheme.

The NTA scheme was established in 2005 to provide financial aid for people who need to travel away from home for medical treatment.

It was supposed to support those with the greatest need in Aotearoa, however, our young people have found numerous issues with the criteria and claims processes – which in turn has made it difficult for those who need the most support to access it.

Enough is enough.

Our members feel that previous reviews have not resulted in any meaningful action, which has left many young cancer patients throughout Aotearoa struggling with the burden of travel-related barriers, such as financial stress and difficulty accessing treatment.

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We have also made a video below with more information! View here

Thank you for being here and for reading our letter.

Together we can make a difference.

Ngā mihi maioha,

AYA Consumer Advisory Group membe

NTA video

NTA Letter

Heidi Watson

The Clinical Leader is responsible for providing clinical leadership and national oversight of the network .

Heidi is a passionate and experienced health professional with a strong clinical, education and leadership background. Her enthusiasm for, and commitment to youth health has focused on improving the outcomes of youth with cancer and chronic health conditions. Previously, Heidi held the position of AYA Cancer Nurse Specialist for Auckland District Health Board. Alongside her AYA clinical leadership role she holds a youth health academic position at the University of Auckland.