Psychological/ Spiritual Care

"I just could not take any more chemo, it was really getting me depressed. So after a lot of discussions with people, including my keyworker, I stopped"
AYA patient


Support Directory

The following non-governmental organisations (NGOs) can provide a range of support services including counselling, to young people with cancer and their whānau.

The following organisations can provide support for young people and their whānau who need emotional and mental health support

Local hospital support teams i.e. social workers, psychologists, psychiatrist chaplaincy, Kaiatawhai and The Pacific Support Team

Werry Workforce – directory of DHB funded Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Addictions Services

Guidelines/ Research

Web Resources


Sparx |

A fantasy game with skills young people can use to manage stress, anxiety and depression

Aunty Dee

An online wellbeing tool that helps people cope with stressful life experiences through support with problem solving.

Common Ground |

A good place for family and friends to learn about useful ways to support themselves and teenagers with mental health issues.

Headspace |

Meditation and mindfulness app

Smiling Mind

Meditation and mindfulness app for young people

Create to Heal App

Application ‘Create To Heal’ – aims to provide stress relief for cancer patients and their families through music, art, inspirational messages and meditation

Werry Workforce |


Located in the South Island. Te Runanga o Nga Maata Waka currently deliver a range of services in health, education, justice, social services, creative arts, housing, business development, community development, cultural identity and competence, Marae etiquette practice and customs, and the youth sectors.