Advancing cancer care for 12-24 year olds

Self Review Tool

The document ‘Service Provision for Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Patients in New Zealand, including the Standards of Care’ describes the level of service that AYAs with cancer should have equitable access to regardless of where they live. The standards are well informed and based on strong evidence and best practice.


It is recognised that the dissemination of the standards in isolation will not achieve the desired outcome of improving outcomes for young people with cancer in New Zealand. Successful implementation is reliant on service providers developing and implementing plans that provide a pathway for service improvement. To support the implementation of the AYA cancer standards of care the Network has developed an online self-review tool.


The purpose of the tool is to assist providers to:

- understand what is working well in the delivery of care and support to AYAs with cancer within their local area or region
- to determine areas where further service improvements are required
- to develop a local service delivery plan for AYA cancer care that links to the national strategy for AYA cancer care


The self-review tool is not intended to be a compliance tool for benchmarking or making regional comparisons. Rather, the self-review tool is designed to engage the wider sector in the collaborative implementation of the standards of care. The goal of the tool is to drive quality improvement initiatives locally and nationally resulting in the improved outcomes for young people with cancer in New Zealand.




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