Advancing cancer care for 12-24 year olds

What level of care can you expect?

Young people have told us that they sometimes feel unsure of what they can, and should, expect from their cancer health care services. In NZ we have created the AYA cancer standards of care that describe the quality of care that all young people in NZ diagnosed with cancer should expect to receive from the time of diagnosis, to well beyond their treatment.


With the help of young people, the Network has created a series of short video clips summarising the key points of the Standards of Care, that are based on international opinion and research. We hope that these videos will give you the information you need to speak up about the level of care that you expect to receive from your providers. We recognise that sometimes it can be difficult or scary to do this on your own, and in these situations we recommend talking with your keyworker or a support worker for strategies on how to ensure you receive the highest quality of care.