Advancing cancer care for 12-24 year olds

South Island secures support for further development of AYA survivorship passport

Otago Polytechnic design students are lending their talents to revamp the AYA Survivorship Passport - The Rangatahi Uruwhenua. The passport provides young people with a comprehensive snapshot of their cancer treatment, medications and other relevant information that they can easily share with future health providers.


The passport has been successfully piloted in the South Island and Waikato region over the past few years and is ready for an update to improve usability across electronic platforms and in hard copy. The aim is to provide a record that is easy to highly portable and easy to access now and well into the future.

Many thanks to the Otago Polytechnic for providing us with the opportunity to take the passport to the next stage.


For further information contact Val Waugh Southland keyworker on