Survivorship/ Life After Treatment

"Cancer doesn't end at remission. Even though it has been 8 years its still so fresh and raw and I don't think those feelings are ever going to go away. As a result of my cancer, health services will always be a big part of my life. The fear of cancer returning is also always going to be there."
AYA patient

Finishing treatment means you probably have questions about what happens next and how your diagnosis and treatment may affect your future. We have created an ‘end of treatment folder’ that lists some of these questions for you to discuss with your AYA Keyworker or healthcare team and to keep your follow-up care plan in – if you do not have a copy of this please ask you AYA Keyworker for one.

Below are several fact sheets and booklets with information related to after treatment care and worries. Please contact your AYA Keyworker if you need more information. Not all of these information sheets are specific to New Zealand.